Friday, March 14, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Did you know that today’s a holiday, one celebrated around the world?  No, St. Patrick’s Day didn’t come early.  It’s Pi Day.  Pi as in 3.14.  On 3/14.

I felt I needed to honor this holiday with an actual pie (as opposed to doing some geometry), but it had to be something easy, something my mixer could pretty much do on its own with only minor supervision from my sous chef and me.


Don’t worry, the formula wasn’t a secret ingredient.


I decided to go with this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  First of all, it just sounded good.  Second, it was easy – measure ingredients, mix ‘em together, fill (store-bought) pie crust, bake.


I used semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips and thought about throwing some toffee pieces in as well but refrained this time around.  But those pie crusts come two-to-a-box so there might be another one of these in my near future.


As you can see, the top is nice and crusty but the filling stays moist.


I wasn’t sure about the pie crust.  Regular pie crust isn’t my favorite in general so I thought about making this with a graham cracker crust.  But you know what?  The pie crust was easier and it played very well with the pie filling; it wasn’t an extra strong flavor by itself that distracted from the taste of the pie.


If you click to see the recipe, you’ll see that Bakerella suggests eating this warm with some ice cream.  We didn’t have vanilla ice cream, but I did get some Cool Whip to use as a topping.



I like REAL whipped cream, but there’s just something about Cool Whip…


I took this pie to the McHusband’s office yesterday when Connor and I went out there to visit and have lunch with the McHusband.  I delivered the pie around noon and the McHusband brought the empty pie plate home with him that evening.  The coworkers wasted no time digging in.


So happy Pi Day and happy Friday!  Normally I’d take today off from work to get ready for our annual St. Patrick’s Day party, but I just don’t think I have the energy for a big bash this year.  Hopefully we’ll be back on track next year.


Have a good weekend!

{Recipe slightly adapted from here}

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Jenny said...

This has been making me drool since I saw the post so I think I am going to give it a try tonight.... Yum! Thanks for baking ;).