Friday, March 21, 2014

Four Weeks: Connor

Four weeks.  One month.  A lifetime, literally.


Connor had a doctor’s appointment on Monday to get the second round of his Hepatitis B vaccine.  I’m not sure what he thought was worse: being naked for all the measurements they take or getting that shot in his leg.  Okay, it was the latter, but just barely.  Anyway, he’s up to 9 lb 11 oz so the formula and my boobs make a good team.


Connor likes: baths now that he can be in his tub, having his hair washed/his head rubbed, being wrapped up in a blanket, the sign over his changing table, ceiling fans, the Bjorn most of the time (thank goodness!), and sleeping in his bouncer.


Connor dislikes: getting naked for baths and getting out of the tub, being hungry, a cold wipe on his bare butt, having shirts go over his head, and being put in his crib less than firmly sound asleep.


It would appear he’s also suspicious of sock monkeys.


He sneezes a lot and smiles a little.


I know the smiles aren’t real yet, but they’re cute all the same, and I can’t wait until something I do elicits one.


The car seat is hit or miss.  Sometimes he doesn’t mind it and will either fall asleep or just veg, but sometimes it’s as bad as being naked.  I took him and Monte for a walk on Saturday and it was a day the car seat was the enemy so I ended up pushing the stroller and holding the leash with one hand while I had Connor up on the other shoulder.  Fun times.


Let’s talk about the hair for a sec.  I promise, we don’t style it, we don’t make it stand up or do the mohawk thing.  Connor’s hair looks how it looks all on its own.


We are trying to get on a little bit of a schedule ahead of me going back to work and so far the most positive thing I can say is we have good intentions.  Putting Connor to bed in the evenings is a nightmare that has had me in tears a couple of times.  I’d rather do the middle-of-the-night shift than try to get him down for the night.


My mom made me monthly shirt thingies for these posts, and I have to apologize for forgetting to grab it for this first set of pictures.  Sorry, Mom!  Connor just happened to be in a good mood and I wanted to get some photos before that changed, and I kinda forgot about the monthly markers until it was too late.


Connor in a nutshell: sweet, annoying, cute, needy, and frustrating.  One minute I love him, the next I want to sell him to the highest bidder.  Hopefully I’ll feel less and less inclined to put an ad on craigslist with each passing day.



Gma said...

If looks could kill, poor Sock Monkey would be a goner!

Thanks for the honest version of having a newborn. FYI, you aren't the first to shed tears of frustration or consider a Craiglist posting. It ain't easy being new parents!

Sara said...

LOVE the suspicious of sock monkey picture!

Erika said...

I love your honesty, because really let's face's very frusterating! Best of luck transitioning into a schedule and getting ready to go back to work soon!

Jenny said...

There were way too many nights to count that I was in tears with Chase. He was a nightmare to get to sleep. Hang in there, your doing great and he is one handsome little man!!! I can't wait to see him again!