Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Recent favorites

Believe it or not, I do still have a life outside Connor.  It may not be much of one, but it does exist.  What I don’t have much of is Connor-free time so those precious minutes are spent taking care of basic household chores like laundry, sweeping, and vacuuming, showering at least every other day, washing bottles, tending to animals, and trying to get online once in a while.  As you can see, blogging has suffered.  Hopefully it’ll get better (and yes, I mean more than just my blogging schedule).

Anyway, I thought I’d share a short and random list of favorites.  First up, a new Wallflower scent.

Tokyo Petals Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

I don’t like super flowery smells, but I do like sweet fragrances.  For instance, I’m a big fan of vanilla, as is the McHusband.  Tokyo Petals is sweet but light.  The web site says Tokyo Petals is “[a]n exotic combination of Japanese iced sake, delicate cherry blossoms and a hint of berries.” After reading the description, I’m not surprised to know that I like it since Cherry Blossom (but not Japanese Cherry Blossom as that one is too overpowering and perfume-y) is one of my favorite B&BW smells.

Next up is a new show.  It’s called Those Who Kill and it’s on A&E on Mondays at 10:00  after Bates Motel, another show I watch and would recommend.  Anyway, TWK stars Chloe Sevigny as a homicide detective and of course she has her own issues to deal with while she’s kicking butt and taking names.  I’ve only seen the first episode (the second one aired last night), but I’m already hooked.

Those Who Kill trailer

And last but not least, I have a baby-related favorite.  These aden + anais muslin blankets are on my list of must-haves for baby.


The fabric is soft and lightweight, and the blanket is a great size for wrapping up the baby.  Since Connor likes to be wrapped up for sleeping, it’s important to me that the fabric is breathable so he doesn’t overheat since being too warm is related to SIDS.  The blankets also come in a ton of patterns; I would have one of each “boy” blanket if I could, but I just don’t need that many nor do I need to spend hundreds of dollars on blankets.

My house isn’t as clean as I’d like it to be, but at least it smells good.  And there’s one thing I can do while my hands are unavailable – I can catch up on my shows, both old favorites and new finds.  And those blankets are very necessary for ensuring that Connor sleeps as well as he’s going to so I can sleep myself or, you know, wash my armpits.  Some days it’s not even a struggle to decide which is more important.  (The nap, of course.)  Which leads me back to the Wallflower and having good smells in my house. Smile

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