Monday, March 24, 2014

{Recipe Recap} S’mores Cupcakes (and other weekend stuff)

I attended Women’s Night here in the ‘hood this past Friday.  The hostess asked everyone to bring cupcakes to share.  You know I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to dig into one of two paper grocdery bags full of cupcake liners and scour my saved recipes for inspiration.  I remembered a toasted marshmallow frosting and decided to use it atop a graham cracker cupcake and then I’d finish things off with some Hershey’s chocolate.  Voila, S’mores Cupcakes!


I appreciate the McHusband letting me have the evening off.  I definitely needed a break from playing mommy.  Connor didn’t do great while I was gone, but he’s been worse so thank goodness for small favors, I guess.  Luckily, he’d been pretty cute earlier in the evening so we were quick to forgive.


(My side of the family is notorious for having one eye being squintier than the other and it looks like Connor has inherited that trait.)

I spent the first half of Saturday in Greensboro watching Lyla, my five-year-old niece, dance at a competition.  Her little duo, which I unfortunately missed, took first place!  I was a very proud aunt when the girls accepted their award.

Lyla was very excited to hold Connor.  This was before awards but it looks like Lyla’s youngest cousin might’ve had an inkling about what was coming.


I had hoped to hang out with friends Saturday night, but Connor was being a pill and wouldn’t nap so I didn’t nap and therefore I was feeling less than social.  The upside is that he actually went down for the night without a fight.  I think I had him in his crib fast asleep within 30 minutes.  Definitely a record.  However, I think it’s kinda like the glimpses of spring we’ve seen around here – just like Mother Nature’s teased us on Saturday, so did Connor.  But at least I know it’s possible to get him down easily.  Gives me hope.

Hope your week’s off to a great start!

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