Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old habits die hard

I was holding Connor last night and he had his right hand up by his face.  More often than not, his hands are up by his face, which can be a challenge when it’s time for him to eat because they get in the way.


Anyway, I snapped the picture above, and then pulled out a 20-week ultrasound picture from when we found out Connor was a boy.

Look who has his hand up by his face.


So I know I’m more than a little behind with my blogging.  I need to do Connor’s birth story, if not for you guys then for myself, and just post some pictures for posterity’s sake.  The McMom is visiting today and tomorrow so between the extra set of arms and us doing some bottles, maybe my fingers’ll be freed up enough to get a post or two written.

Connor and I had a big day yesterday.  We went to the post office AND to Walmart.  He did great during both errands, snoozing the whole time.  We capped off our exciting day with a bath.


Connor likes to have his hair washed, but he’s not really a fan of having his body cleaned.  Typical boy.  However, last night, with the heater running and a not-totally-empty tummy, he didn’t mind the bath too much.

And here he is, post-bath with his crazy hair.


Hope everyone has a happy Hump Day!

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