Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dog Tired

We took the dogs to the Dog Day in the Park yesterday and they had fun making lots of new friends of both the human and canine varieties. It was so humid yesterday that they didn't last too long. Remember, we were able to walk up to the park so Morgan and Tucker were almost totally spent by the time we got to the event.

Side note: We had seen one set of neighbors, Gina and Bob, walking past our house with their bassett hound, Bella, about 30 minutes before we left. On our way to the park, we ran into Bob heading home by himself and asked where Gina and Bella were. He said he left them both "panting at the park" to go get the car. See, Gina's about 9 months pregnant (remember, a pregnancy is more like 40 weeks) and what Bella makes up in ear length she lacks in stamina on hot, humid days. So Bob had to walk home to get the car then drive up there - about half a mile - to pick them up. Too bad our timing wasn't better, we could've caught a ride, too.

Anyway, the most exciting thing we saw up there were a couple of 8-week-old Bullmastiff puppies that were "available for adoption to a good home." I clarified with the kid hawking them that that actually meant they were for sale to whoever could afford them.

Here are some pictures of all of us when we got home.

Then it was time to lay down. There's an AC vent under the sink so Tucker had the right idea.

Look, his tongue had to be on the linoleum floor for maximum cooling.

And then we all moved into the den. The McHusband and I were pretty hot, too, but we refrained from laying down on the kitchen floor.

Boy, supervisin' is hard work! Tori had to cool off on the kitchen floor, too.

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