Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Roses are red...

So my mom and I have a tradition. I don't buy her flowers for Mother's Day; instead, I make her drive to Raleigh from Charlotte and then I put her to work helping me plant flowers in and around my yard all weekend. We've done this four years in a row. It's a win-win situation because I get to make my yard pretty AND we get to spend quality time together...sweaty, dirty quality time.

Anyway, my madre wanted to see pictures of how some of the flowers are looking at the end of the summer so instead of just sending her an email with those pictures, I'm going to post them here for all the world to see. (And by "all the world," I mean my regular readers, which, well, is probably just my mom. Hmmm, maybe I should've gone with the email after all...)

My mom got me this little cat planter for my birthday.

My mom also brought up a whole carload of flowers for my new "area" on the side of the house. She brought two elephant ear plants, several day lillies, lots of snapdragons, a daisy, and wild pink daisy-like flowers that I can't recall the name of. Everything on the side of the house will come back - that's called a perennial. See, I've learned some fancy landscaping lingo during our sweaty, dirty quality time. My mom thought ahead to next year and got stuff that'll come back so we don't have to redo that area next spring. Good idea, right? Except guess what? We're moving. I hope the new owners appreciate all my mom has done for their yard.

I have planters on the fence thanks to my mother-in-law - thanks, McMom! Some of the flowers in them thrived and some hung on for dear life through the summer and some just jumped ship the day after my mom left.

That lighter green bushy stuff coming out the sides is asparagus fern. It does great in the hot NC summers. I can grow asparagus fern like nobody's business. Verbena (the pink stuff from the before picture - notice there's just one speck of it in the after picture) on the other hand...

So, Mom, are you already looking forward to starting fresh at the new house? I'm thinking we might need an extra day of sweaty, dirty quality time.

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