Friday, September 12, 2008


Is there a better weekday than Friday? I mean, other days have their merits, but they can't hold a candle to Fridays.
  • Tuesdays don't suck the most because they're not Mondays

  • Wednesdays are okay because of the food section in the newspaper

  • Thursdays are good because they come right before Fridays and there's some really good TV on in the evenings

Weekend plans? The Dog Day in the Park is tomorrow up at the Parrish Womble Park outside our neighborhood so we'll be taking Morgan and Tucker up there. It'll be Tucker's first DDITP and he's really looking forward to it. All those butts to sniff and treats to beg for - it's his version of heaven on earth.

The McHusband will go to the office to study (he'll be taking the PE again on 10.24), and I'll hopefully be leaving the house with the dogs for a showing or two. In a perfect world, someone would want to see the house WHILE we were up at the park and already gone with the dogs. And in that perfect world, those people would want to buy our house. Some people say perfection's overrated, but in this case I think it'd be, well, perfect. Keep all appendages crossed for us...

We have someone coming to look at the Death Tank tonight. He wants to use it for a saltwater tank, though, so he wouldn't want the fish we have in it, which means we'd have to find good homes (i.e. NOT toilets) for all of them. The McHusband's already talked to a fish store that'd pay us for them so that's good news. The bad news is that before they can pay us, we have to get the fish to them, which entails catching not-wanting-to-be-caught fish, putting them into five-gallon buckets from Home Depot, and lugging those into the fish store. Of course, I use the term "we" loosely since Ryan'll be doing much of the dirty work.

The Death Tank

The Not-Death Tank

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