Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A picture's worth a thousand words...

Okay, as promised, I have pictures from our trip to Vegas. I won't bore you with my babbling, I'll just get straight to the pictures. Enjoy!

Look at those excited faces...

And here we are on our first field trip at Red Rock Canyon. Can you find Vanessa?

Unfortunately, that's not a rare bird.

Look, our very own mountain men. The boys climbed waaaaaaay up the rocks.

Adios, Red Rock!

We went to the Shelby factory for a tour and got to sign a wall inside.

After the car stuff, we went to the Hoover Dam. Here's the McHusband and me on our way to the dam when we stopped for a photo op and then at the dam during our tour. Hmmm, guess the McHubby wanted to see what the dam was like with the lights out.

We had a nice dinner at Postrio in the Venetian before our Cirque du Soleil shows. Our waiter was kind enough to take a group photo when we left. Then we took pictures on the bridge that the gondolas floated under.

After dinner, we ran into a couple of familiar faces. Jeremy, watch that right hand...

And Nic, watch your left hand! Sheesh, celebrities!

We ventured into the Secret Garden at the Mirage (and by "venture," I mean we paid $15 per ticket to be allowed in) and saw dolphins, white tigers and lions, and four tiger cubs (three white ones and one gold one) at feeding time. It was worth the $15 just to see the cubs so active.

I count three bellies in this picture...

The End. Sorry, I couldn't resist. The McHusband took this picture of Vanessa and me in the Bellagio.

If you want to see more pictures from our trip, check out my Shutterfly album.

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