Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Part II

Sorry, I know I've been really slack about getting the rest of Christmas added to the blog. When I wasn't busy being busy, I was busy relaxing and enjoying my time off. But I went back to work yesterday so it's back to the grind.

We went back to Bri's house Christmas morning and had lots of fun opening presents and then had a yummy potato casserole and some eggs for breakfast.

Lyla chilled next to the McHusband and played with wrapping paper for a while.

Then she and G'ma looked at her book (a book of pictures Bri had made on Shutterfly), which Bri gave to my mom.

I held Owen through most of the present opening. (Please excuse my photography skills - and my double chin.)

Nate helped Lyla open up her big present from he and Bri.

Oops, guess she didn't get what she wanted.

Being sick and playing with wrapping paper took its toll and Lyla was conked out in her bouncy seat for a while.

I think we could've all used a bouncy seat to take a nap in.

Christmas Part III coming soon...relatively speaking.

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