Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belated birthday blogging (again)

Just catching up again.  Story of my life, it seems.

We went to Sara’s for a combo birthday party for her and Henry since their birthdays are just a week apart.


When we arrived, Henry was just getting into his cupcake.  Looks like he enjoyed every bite.


Guess who else was at the party?  Zachary (and his parents).


Those blue eyes, that blonde hair.  Does this kid have heartbreaker written all over him or what?


Look, there were some big boys at the party, too.


Since I had a whole batch of them, I took those Pretzel M&M Oatmeal Cookies to share plus the Funfetti Cheesecake Bars I’d originally intended to take to the party.


Don’t adjust your computer screen.  Yes, the cheesecake layer is a little green.  When I added extra sprinkles in, the dye bled into the cream cheese mixture.


I made these in my slightly-smaller-than-9x13-pan so both the cake layer and the cream cheese layer were nice and thick.


I really liked the addition of the frosting to the cream cheese layer and not just because I got to lick the spatula when I was done scraping the frosting out of the container and into my mixer bowl.  I said recently that cheesecake isn’t always my favorite and I think it’s because it’s not sweet enough.  Well, the cake layer and the frosting certainly made sure that wasn’t the case here.


These were not only delicious, but with only 5 ingredients, they were super simple to throw together.  I think I’d like to try a chocolate version with Devil’s Food cake mix and some chocolate frosting mixed into the cream cheese.  Oh yeah, that sounds like an experiment I most definitely need to look into.


{Recipe here}

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The colors are perfect with that runner or placemat....awesome! McMom