Thursday, August 16, 2012


{Disclaimer: Remember, I’m writing this Wednesday night.}

I just finished my popcorn and I need to do my stretching and foam rolling to make sure my leg doesn’t act up on my run in the morning.  I bought new shoes this week so while I’m not looking forward to the 4:45 wake-up call, it will be nice to pound the pavement in my bright pink (a.k.a. Fireberry) sneakers.

And I’m going to use my new shoes to segue into how I’m watching What Not to Wear (and I’m sure Stacy and Clinton would LOVE my pink sneaks), and I really need to move to the floor and take care of my poor abused muscles and tendons.

Also, no promise there’ll be a post tomorrow morning.  I have to do some cupcake-baking tonight and that always seems to consume more time than I anticipate.

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McMom said...

Sort of like auto repair jobs......