Monday, August 27, 2012

We went to Charlotte

I’m not working today, woo hoo!  The McHusband and I went to Charlotte this past weekend.  I wanted to get back there before the end of the summer, or else it was going to be Thanksgiving before we made it to the Queen City again.  Many of you know that if I travel over the weekend, I take the following Monday off – it’s the perk of never getting sick and needing to take a personal day.  Instead, I schedule my mental health days, which my office has come to expect and prefer over unplanned days off.

We headed to Charlotte on Friday after work and about halfway there, I read an email from the McMom that says they’re in the hospital having the McDad’s heart checked out.  He was feeling some fluttering and the irregularity of his heartbeat was troubling, to say the least.  After dropping the dogs and our stuff at the house, we headed to the hospital and spent the next couple of hours visiting, first in a treatment room in the emergency area and then up in the Cardiac Care Unit.

Here we are waiting while the McDad got settled into his room at the inn.

The McDad spent the night in the hospital but was home by around noon the next day with his heart back in rhythm.  We are thankful that the situation wasn’t any more serious and that he stayed in the hospital overnight, which allowed the doctor to get information about what his heart was doing as well as how to medicate him for now.

I spent the first part of Saturday with Bri and her girls.  We went to the mall and I helped Lyla spend her Build-a-Bear gift card, the one I gave her for her birthday.


After lunch at the mall, we headed back to Bri’s because my mom, Shannon, and her kids were joining us.  I’ll do a full weekend recap over the course of several posts, hopefully before too much time goes by.  Way too many cute pictures to share to gloss over the weekend in one Sunday-night/Monday-morning post.

We had gorgeous weather for the drive back to Raleigh Sunday afternoon.  I realize it’s the end of August and summer’s winding down, but we North Carolinians still appreciate a non-humid day before the dog days of summer officially come to an end.

And speaking of dogs…


Tucker couldn’t relax until the McHusband got back from his trip into the gas station.

Oh yeah, guess what I’m doing on my day off?  An 18-mile training run.  Wish me luck!

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