Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Recipe Recap} Chocolate Toffee Bars

I like baking for Sara.  She has the same taste in sweets as I do.  She loves chocolate-topped chocolate and toffee, and probably 97% of the dessert recipes I have saved involve one or both of those ingredients.  The hard part was deciding WHICH treat to make for Sara’s birthday. 

I’d made some bars for Sara and Cliff when Henry was born and those had a shortbread layer, which Cliff and Sara both really liked.  I recalled that when I saw this recipe so I figured it would go over well. 

Shortbread: check. 

Chocolate: check. 

Toffee: check! 


These bars were grounded by the toffee-shortbread layer, which wasn’t overly sweet.  The fudgy layer in between the “crust” and the cookie dough?  Divine!


These three layers were a delicious trio. 


And a heavy one since they were quite dense. 


One thing I liked about this recipe is that there was plenty of cookie dough to go on top.  I didn’t feel like I had to stretch the dough to cover the whole pan, and there was enough for some sampling.


Mmm, writing this post is making me want more of these.  Quick, someone invite me to a Labor Day cookout so I have a reason to make another batch.

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Anonymous said...

There is THIS weekend....or is that what they are for? Must be...yum!