Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Malted Rice Krispie Treats

Treats on Tuesday!  I made these a couple weekends ago to go with Vanessa’s peanut butter and bacon cookies.  See, Bruce was driving us that night so I wanted to make something that I knew he liked as well and while he doesn’t like overly sweet treats, he does like malt flavor.


Since I knew I’d be baking lots (and lots!) of cookies, I wanted my something extra to be easy and Rice Krispie Treats certainly are that, even when they get covered in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed Whoppers.


Since the McHusband likes the flavor of malt, too, I’ve tried a number of  recipes for malted treats and a lot of the times, I’m disappointed because the malt flavor just isn’t strong enough.  No worries about that here since there’s malted milk powder in both the treats and the chocolate ganache, plus the Whoppers both inside and on the treats.


I think I’d like to make these again and use the cocoa Rice Krispie, which may or may not have something to do with eating the leftovers as my nighttime snack.  Because 10 pm is the best time to be eating a bowl of cereal, doncha know.


I never would’ve thought to stir the malted milk powder into melted chocolate to flavor a ganache, but I will definitely do that again in the future.


If you like chocolate and malt and Rice Krispies, of course, and you’re into easy-to-assemble goodies, these are for you.


{Recipe here}

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