Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I think Heather would’ve chosen JUST the frosting as her birthday dessert, but she conceded to letting me put it on a simple yellow cake.


I did lots of research – which means I Googled “best yellow cake” a few times – and ended up choosing Ina Garten’s Coconut Cupcake recipe.  The I left out the coconut and made a cake instead of cupcakes.  The irony is the one flavor that Heather detests is coconut.  I think that was partly why I ended up choosing this recipe in particular.


The frosting is one I’ve made several times before and it’s always delicious whether it’s on brownies or some other treat.


I had extra frosting, and I debated putting it in a container and giving it to Heather but then I figured, Why should she be the only one enjoying all that deliciousness?  So I chilled the frosting and rolled most of it into balls and stuck then on top of the cake.


I like how this frosting sets with a little bit of crunch to it.  No, it’s not the prettiest for frosting a cake, but it more than made up for its looks with how good it tastes.


When I got home from dinner on Monday, I snapped a few pictures of the inside of the cake.  I thought this cake had a perfect texture.


It was dense-ish but not heavy like a pound cake.  It wasn’t all light and fluffy with big crumbs so that it was prone to drying out.


I used about half a teaspoon of almond in the cake and while it wasn’t an almond cake, you could taste the flavor.  I didn’t mind it at all, but I would like to make the recipe again with just vanilla so I can get a pure yellow cake and judge the recipe based on that.

Now I just need someone to ask for a yellow cake (hint, hint).


Here’s a quick pic of one of the birthday girls with the most, uh, interactive card she received.



I’ll end with this photo of my oh-so-helpful assistant.


{Cake adapted from this recipe}

{Frosting recipe}

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