Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Should have been…

Last night around 9:30…

I should have been painting my nails.  I had to cut them all off so I figured the silver lining is that a fun summer color will look cute and not gawdy on my short-for-me nails.

I should have been blogging about the going-away party I threw for my neighbor this past Friday.

I should have been drinking water instead of leftover Vodka Slush from the aforementioned party.

I should have been in bed catching up on lost zzz’s instead of sitting here on the computer, in front of the TV, until it’s time for bed, a.k.a. at least 10:00.  (That means I have 27 minutes until my date with the Sandman.)

I need to either figure out a way to get more hours in the day, or else I need to figure out how to motivate myself to take better advantage of the free time I do have.

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