Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We had a doozy of a storm blow through here last week on Thursday.  The wind was whipping the trees around like crazy!  I was at the Y when the storm blew in, and I could see the sky getting scary-dark and then it opened up and buckets of rain came down.  The power flickered at the Y, which was inconvenient since I was on the treadmill, but luckily it didn’t stay off.  That strong wind blew the front through pretty quickly so that when it was time for me to leave the Y, it wasn’t raining any more and it had cooled down drastically.

The McHusband got home before it started raining, and he shot some video of the trees going crazy in the backyard.

And some of the aftermath.



The storm made a bit of a mess, but the McHusband and Monte got it all cleaned up on Saturday.  We lost a couple decent-sized limbs and there were lots of leaves and twigs on the ground, but luckily no trees fell on the fence or the shed (or the house!), and we didn’t lose power except for a brief outage.

It could’ve been worse, that’s for sure, and I’m glad that this storm blew in and out as quickly as it did.

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