Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad photos of good food

Friday, Friday, Friday!  This week actually went by fairly quickly, but I’m very happy to have the weekend right around the corner.  We have Chelle and Jeremy’s annual Chicken Stew tomorrow to look forward to, and I have some hardwood-mopping that I’m not looking forward to.  But I’m hosting the HOA meeting next week so I need a clean foyer and dining room.

I’m sure I could do a whole series with my not-so-great food photography, but then what pictures would I use for my Recipe Recaps?

Recently, I’ve made a Banana Bread Crumb Cake, a Tuna Pot Pie, and some Knock-You-Naked Brownies.  Luckily, these are all different enough from each other and the photos aren’t so bad that you guys can’t tell what’s what.




I would recommend all of these, especially the crumb cake.  It was very moist and you know I love me some streusel.  The tuna pot pie was good and easy enough to prepare.  I opted to cover it with an extra pie crust I happened to have in the fridge.  This recipe would work great with canned chicken, too, if you aren’t a fan of canned tuna.  The brownies were tasty but a little annoying because of the caramel sticking to the foil.  I sprayed the foil really well and everything, but it wasn’t quite enough.

I’m making more oatmeal cream pies for the Chicken Stew as well as a new chocolate treat because I have to take advantage of all my guinea pigs gathering in one place.  I’ll try to set a piece of the latter dessert aside so I can take a halfway decent photo on Sunday. 


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