Monday, November 25, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Fudgy Brownies with a Butterfinger Crust

So it’s Monday.  Again.  But at least it’s a short week because of Thanksgiving.  I’m so ready for the break from the grind.  I’m saving a week’s vacation to use next year after the McBaby makes his debut, and I’ve been feeling those five days lately.  Or I should say the lack of spending those five days away from the office.

I made three treats and one main dish this weekend.  Our dinner last night was easy (Gotta love the crockpot!) and delicious, and I highly recommend the rest of you try this Roasted Red Pepper Chicken.  I served ours over quinoa and baked up our favorite Cajun-roasted sweet potatoes to round things out.  Yum!


But the first thing I made this weekend was a batch of Fudgy Brownies with a Butterfinger Crust.  We were having dinner with 10 of our nearest and dearest so I wanted to share a treat with them.


I thought about just using a boxed brownie mix, but making brownies from scratch really isn’t too difficult so I made the recipe as it was written.  I had planned to use more regular cocoa than the Hershey’s Special Dark that I ended up using, but I was out of the lighter stuff.


I think the McHusband was the only one who didn’t care too much for the darker chocolate.  But luckily Vickie had baked up a batch of Ghiradelli brownies so when we ended up back at their house after dinner, he was able to satisfy his sweet tooth with those. 


Vickie, I won’t hold it against you that my husband preferred your brownies to mine. Smile


I’m sending most of the rest of the brownies into the office with the McHusband and taking a few into my office, but I won’t be eating any.  I have my glucose test for gestational diabetes this afternoon so I’m low-carbing it until 3:00.  Keep your fingers crossed that I pass with flying colors.


{Brownie recipe}

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