Friday, November 22, 2013

Cuddly canines

The weekend is upon us!  This week actually went by pretty quickly so I can’t complain, but that doesn’t mean I’m not just as glad that it’s Friday.

The McHusband and I are kicking off the weekend by visiting a home daycare just outside our neighborhood and if we’re feeling really wild, we may even wander the aisles of Walmart after dinner.

But enough about our exciting plans.  Let’s see some canine cuteness.

Monte is such a cuddler.  Morgan sometimes tolerates him and sometimes she’s had enough and gets up and finds a new spot.  Doesn’t bother Monte, he just follows her.



If Morgan’s really tired and/or comfortable, she doesn’t mind Monte being all up in her business as much.



But Monte’s a restless sleeper so if Morgan just puts up with him for a few minutes, he’ll inevitably end up further away.


Silly puppies.

It’s hard to resist cuddling with Monte.  Just ask the McHusband.


Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Mcmom said...

We don't have a crate big enough for that horse! McMom

McHusband said...

Since we're bringing the van we may just bring our crate. I think he'd probably fit in yours this year... not sure about next year, lol.