Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eight Months


Make that 8 months, 1 week, and 1 day but who’s counting?  Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be.  Jenny, you can relate, right?


So what’s new this month?  Connor is sorta holding his bottle himself and we and the sitter are working on him using a sippy cup to drink some water.  He’s also still eating everything we put in front of him.  I made him a salmon puree that I didn’t think he’d like because, well, it was gross.  But he didn’t make even the slightest bit of a funny face, he just kept opening his mouth for another spoonful.  I hope this lack of pickiness lasts forever.


Connor is a fan of the mesh feeder when it’s packed with apple, pear, and frozen mango.  He doesn’t love frozen peaches.  Right, Connor?


Connor was at the doctor last week for a skin check.  He was supposed to get a flu shot, but the doctor didn’t have any, which seems to be a pretty common problem.  He weighed in at 21.5 pounds, which is what we expected.  Such a petite guy.  Connor has some eczema on his back so we’ve made some changes (new detergent, different bath soap, no lotion and Vaseline instead on his back).  Fingers crossed that the eczema isn’t due to anything he eats because that just sounds like a lot of trouble to figure out.  Plus, Connor likes his food so much that I hate to limit what he’s eating.


As you have probably seen in the Instagram video, Connor is scootching around on his belly and getting really good at it.  The sitter said, “He’s getting really fast!”  Right now, he can’t get from sitting to scootching by himself, but once he does, we are gonna be in trouble!


Still no teeth.  I hope we aren’t going to get four at once and REALLY suffer.  You know, because what’s important here is that the McHusband and I don’t have to deal with a cranky baby.


I’ve noticed that Connor doesn’t always stay happy when he’s left alone.  He might be perfectly content in his activity chair or sitting on the floor while I talk to him and, say, wash bottles, but he knows when I run to the bathroom and leave him on his own.


Connor still loves his jumper, bathtime, and going for walks (So glad I can say that!).  His favorite games are peekaboo and “throw the baby up and catch him.”


He’s not always a big fan of going into his carseat, and he really hates having full sun in his eyes.  Oh, and the worst part of eating?  Really the only downside?  Getting cleaned up afterward.  Who knew a damp paper towel could cause so much stress?


All in all, he’s a very happy boy.  Look, he’s even doing a little jig for you.


But he can be serious, too.


As always, we are looking forward to the next month!


Connor, we love you bunches!  When you giggle, my heart bursts.  When I pick you up from the sitter and you give me that big grin, my heart bursts.  When you fall asleep on my shoulder after your evening bottle and I get a cuddly minute with you, my heart bursts.


My poor heart, I don’t know if it can take another month.


McHusband said...

You forgot to mention he also started "learning" sign language this month, after we did of course, lol. Most of what I read said not to expect anything returned for around 8 weeks. So hopefully by his 10 month photos we'll be able to report back that he is actually signing!

Grammie said...

I hope Grammie can remember ..."all done.." And "more"

Natalie said...

what a cutie!! B turns 9 months in a week and I am curious to see how much she weighs at her appt...she definitely loves all foods and is much less interested in breastfeeding these day!