Monday, October 13, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Double Chocolate and Toffee Cookies

Good thing this is a dessert post because I’m going to keep things short and sweet.  I’m finally sitting down to write this at 9:45 Sunday night, which is supposed to be when I’m just sitting on the couch vegging until 10 before we head up to bed. 

I made the dough for these cookies last Monday when I was home with Connor.  The cookies were meant for the Women’s Night I hosted this past Friday, but I had to bake up a couple test batches to share with our coworkers.


I used some mini semisweet chips, some of those new caramel-filled milk chocolate morsels, and toffee chips as my mix-ins.  I really liked the little bit of crunch that the latter provided.


For the cocoa, I used both regular unsweetened cocoa and some Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa.  I think my proportions were a third to two-thirds, respectively.


The mix of cocoas was a good choice.  The dark chocolate gave these cookies a deeper, stronger chocolate flavor but since I didn’t use ALL dark chocolate, the cookies were still sweet and not too bold.


The texture of these cookies was SPOT ON.  I loved loved loved how they turned out.  Not cakey, not chewy, just soft with a touch of crispness on the outside.  Perfect!


I guess this post isn’t turning out as short as I anticipated so I might as well keep going.  I tried taking pictures of my cookies on the floor below the dining room window since the light was low thanks to the cloudy day, but my “assistant” went from conveniently asleep on the job to not-so-conveniently interested in what I was doing.



If you like chocolate, make these cookies.  They were superb!

{Recipe slightly adapted from here}

PS  Happy day-after-his-birthday to Owen!

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