Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I’m going to let the internet help me do my blogging tonight.

The McHusband sent this to me yesterday.  In a perfect world, I would work part-time but be paid for full-time and still have Connor in daycare four days a week so that he and I would have one extra day together and I would have one day to myself.

But I don’t live in a perfect world and this article made me feel better about being a working mom.

I saw this article about allergies and antibiotics over the weekend.  I’m not all that surprised, to be honest.  I truly believe that overdoing the antibiotics is going to be very bad for us in the long run.  I mean “us” as a general population because too many people pop antibiotics like the vitamins they should be taking and the germs are getting stronger, slowly but surely.  “Us” also refers to a single person taking antibiotics every time their nose runs so that the bacteria in their body are learning a little bit each time they get a taste of the antibiotic.

I’m not anti-medicine.  I think vaccines are great things and drugs can do amazing things.  But maybe they shouldn’t always be the first and immediate line of defense.

Just some food for thought for your Hump Day.

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