Thursday, October 2, 2014


Contrary to what the title would have you believe, this isn’t another post about more shows I’m watching that I’m not actually watching.

So I’m no make-up expert, but I do wear it almost every day.  Certainly I get made up for work, then I put on at least the essentials if not a full face on Saturday depending on my social schedule.  I may or may not wear the bare minimum (mascara and powder) on Sunday for my Walmart run.

During the week when my make-up needs to last just under 12 hours, I have been disappointed that my eyes don’t look half as good after lunch as they did before breakfast.  So I read up on eye primers and decided to give Clean Slate 360 Creaseless 12-Hour Smoothing Eye Primer by Tarte a try.

I bought it on Saturday and have used it for three days.  Verdict?  It works!  I won’t say it’s perfect as there’s the littlest bit of eye-shadow creasing toward the end of my workday, but it’s not much and the overall look is still there.

I got mine at Ulta for $18.  Guess what was in my mail that afternoon?  A coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more. Guess I need to go back and buy something else.

Now I have a question for you guys: Anyone have an undereye concealer they swear by?  Forget stretch marks (which I didn’t get, by the way), it’s the undereye circles that are the long-lasting signs of pregnancy.  Well, the results of a pregnancy anyway.

Another thing that results from pregnancy?  Adorable babies. Smile


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