Friday, October 10, 2014

Lo siento

That’d be, “I’m sorry.”

I just haven’t had the energy to blog nor the fodder to blog about this week.  I have been busy every night with boot camp (my only exercise unfortunately) and prepping food and the house for Women’s Night tonight all while making at least a little downtime and an early bedtime priorities.  Since I can’t catch up on my sleep or TV on the weekends any more, I need to make sure I don’t get so far behind during the week that I’m a “mombie.”

I hope to get back to normal starting this Saturday.  I’ll still be tired – I think I just need to accept that as a norm now – but I want to get in at least 4 days of exercise (from Saturday to Friday), do some blogging (a certain someone turns 8 months old next week), and continue to make downtime and an early bedtime a priority.

I’m definitely having a hard time with the whole balance thing, and I’m pretty sure most moms (and dads) can relate. This isn’t meant to be a “woe is me” post because I don’t really have any good reason to complain.  I have a job, a nice home, my health, a wonderful family, a fantastic husband, a great group of friends, and a beautiful baby boy.

If I could just have a few more hours in the night to sleep, my life’d be perfect.

I hate to do posts without pictures, and I couldn’t stand to do two in one week.  So here’s a quick glimpse at the start of my Women’s Night table.  All it needs now is some food!


TGIF and have a great weekend!

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