Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Belated Easter Part I

Chase spent time in Charlotte last weekend so that Kevin and Jenny could celebrate their anniversary sans baby. I told Jenny that I admire how she and Kevin make "them time" such a priority, and I gave her the go-ahead to bonk me over the head when the McHusband and I have a baby and are in need of "us time" but not taking it.

Grammie pulled out some of those plastic Easter eggs, and Chase had a ball with them.

In case there was any doubt about how he was feeling, here's a close-up.

Wait until he's a little older and can appreciate that most of the time those plastic Easter eggs = candy.

1 comment:

Gma said...

Them eggs filled with chocolate ... sure we're not talking about YOUR expectation of that colorful, plastic egg?

Blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes...lady killer, for sure!