Monday, April 27, 2009

Surprise! Part II: Party Prep

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Let me get straight to the important stuff before something comes up to distract me.

Everyone chipped in to get the house presentable and the party plans in order.

The McDad vacuumed and the McMom got stuck with toilet duty. Sorry, McMom!

Calvin even got in on the action, slicing veggies and filling balloons. Tucker served as quality control.

Looks like a decent number of balloons passed the Tucker Test.

Bri and Shannon worked on the food. I think this was them doing the layered bean dip. And, of course, you can't have babies visit for the weekend without a counterful of bottles.

Once the McMom finshed with the grunt work in the bathrooms, she was allowed outside to do something a little more fun. And she had a great helper.

"I think you need a few more stones in this one."

Hmmm, seems like someone's missing out on all the fun. Who haven't we seen yet?

Oh yeah, Gma and Lyla. Well, where were they during all the party prep?

Busted! They were hanging out in the dining room, "supervising."

All the hard work paid off. Here's the kitchen table full of food, and my hole decorated for a good time. Hmmm, that didn't sound right...

Stay tuned for the gorilla pics...


Gma said...

NOTE TO SELF: Change profile cuz it's official -- I'm a bona fide member of CLUB 30!

Told you it was a collaberative effort! Think McDad and the vacuum should win the picture of the day award!

Great fun from the party prep to the end of the weekend when cars were packed up and ready to head back home. I'm sure you two were ready to be minus babies, et al and once again enjoy the normal quiet of your household!

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL --- I came here to remind you to change the profile now.... seems your mother has beat me to it!!

Love the pictures -- don't think I usually smile that much while cleaning the toilette! Love ya, McMom