Monday, March 4, 2013

A different sweet for your Monday

This is more of a feel-good post than a taste-good one.  First, a little background.

The McHusband bought a Groupon a long while back for some group boot camp sessions that Linda, a personal trainer, was offering.  He’s attended regularly on Saturday mornings for a couple of years now.  I started going with him this past December and I love it.  No session is the same and Linda pushes us to work harder than we would if we were doing a solo workout.  The icing on the cake?  She hasn’t charged anything for these weekly 1.5-hour sessions.

We got Heather and Bronte involved in boot camp in January, and they’ve actually been working out with Linda one weeknight per week in addition to Saturdays.  Again, Linda isn’t charging for these sessions.

Something Linda and the McHusband have in common is their love of jumping out of airplanes. I’ll never understand it, but they both love the thrill.  Linda is working toward her A license so that she can jump on her own, and she told us she was doing ground school yesterday.  I’ve been telling the McHusband for the past month or so that I wanted to do SOMEthing for Linda, like a Visa gift card or a Starbucks one because she loves her coffee and tea.  But then I had a better idea.  We’d do what we could to help her reach her skydiving goals.

So I talked to one of the other regulars, Todd, and he was in for $20.  That plus the same amount from me, the McHusband, Heather, and Bronte meant we could put $100 toward some of her expenses.

So I called Triangle Skydiving yesterday after boot camp and explained our situation, and the girl I talked to was happy to help me help Linda.  Ground School costs $75 so we paid for that plus gave her a $25 credit toward the jump she did yesterday.  I was so excited thinking about Linda getting that surprise when she showed up.

Linda texted us all when she found out: “THANK YOU!!!!! You guys are awesome!  I’m in shock and I really appreciate it.”

It felt amazing to do something nice for someone who deserves it, and I loved that I was able to pull off the surprise on behalf of our group.

I just hope Linda doesn’t show us her appreciation by giving us 110% at our next session… Smile


Gma said...

Sometimes it's the little things that bring the biggest reward - what a great way to pay it forward!

McMom said...

Great idea!! Now I understand th post on Ryan's FB page...McMom