Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Olivia’s 2nd Birthday

I took Friday, February 22nd off work and met up with my mom, sisters, and the kids in Asheboro.  We had lunch at Chick Fil A then went up the road to Super Jumps, one of those places filled with bounce houses.  It was the perfect place for us to spend a couple hours because the weather was less than ideal with rain falling and high temps hovering just above freezing.

Olivia wasn’t too sure about the first bounce house.


Bri helped to coax her in and show her that uneven, unstable ground can be fun.


Maxie needed no coaxing, but that’s no surprise.


The big kids, Owen and Lyla, found the slides and wasted no time going down them.


But everyone met up in one of the bounce houses for, well, some bouncing around.



Check out Maxie.  I don’t think either foot is on the “ground.”


The thing about these bounce houses?  They aren’t fun for just the kids.




Amazing – we got all four kids lined up, smiling, AND looking in the same general direction.  A birthday miracle!


And then Olivia took off.


After a quick break for cupcakes and Oreo Truffle Bars, I felt sufficiently energized to tackle the obstacle course with Olivia and Maxie.





One more picture of Maxie.  I’m pretty sure she had more fun than any of the other kids.


But Olivia was a close second once she figured out the slides.


The other thing the kids thought was tons of fun was having me hold them while I bounced around like crazy.  (Next two photos and video courtesy of Shannon’s phone.)


Bouncing with Olivia at Super Jump

And one last fuzzy picture of the three sisters.  And no, Bri and I didn’t plan our matching stripes.


It works out so well that Asheboro is a little over an hour from each of our houses so it’s a perfect spot to meet.  We have the zoo, which is great, and now we have the bounce place.  We’ll have to find a park with a good playground and then we’ll be all set.

As always, it was wonderful to see everyone.  Of course, I love to spend time with my sisters and my mom, but I especially appreciate any time I get with the kids.  It’s really true what people say: they grow up so fast.  I miss a lot by being 2.5 hours away so I’m not exaggerating when I say I cherish all our visits.


Gma said...

Secret to a great time at a bounce house? Go on a weekday and you'll have it all to yourself! I think the BIGGER big kids had as much fun as the big kids and Livvie. Without a doubt, Maxie embraced each and every house without fear and much gusto! Thanks for taking the day off and joining up!

Mcmom said...

Well, the Mowris sisters definitely like their stripes..all three! I failed to notice what G'ma was wearing....sorry I had to sneak a peek of chase on the horse when he appeared on my screen! Mc mom