Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Skinny Banana Blueberry Muffins

No party people today.  I got home from the Y at 8:00, had a quick dinner, then got busy baking a couple very ripe bananas into some healthy muffins


By the time those came out of the oven and I got myself and my stuff ready for today, it was time for my once-a-week bowl of popcorn and some TV.

So all that is to say, no party people today.

Back to the muffins for a minute.  The original blogger and recipe creator, Sally, made 17 muffins and she calculated each one to be about 130 calories.  I got 22 muffins, but I packed my brown sugar pretty tightly so I’m going to guess my muffins still have 125 calories in them.  But they aren’t mini muffins so I’d say that’s pretty good for a full-size muffin.

The most important question, though, is how did they taste?  The blueberries were key in these because the muffin base itself wasn’t super flavorful one way or the other, even with my extra brown sugar, additional half-teaspoon of cinnamon, and splash of vanilla.  Of course, with banana breads, muffins, and cakes, the flavor often develops after some time so I need to give these another taste before offering my final opinion on them.

If they don’t blow my skirt up, I’ll go back to these banana flax muffins for a healthy and tasty alternative to the scrumptious but not so good for us banana bread muffins I recently made.

The McHusband’s final verdict after having one he warmed up in the microwave?  “They’re pretty good; I think I like them.”

{Recipe adapted from here}

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