Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Shrimp & Grits

(I’ll be back tomorrow with the last SPD party post.  In the meantime, enjoy a healthy version of a classic Southern comfort food.)

The McHusband loves him some shrimp and grits.  Me, I wasn’t a fan, mostly because grits are a little scary.  My parents are from Michigan and Pennsylvania so I don’t think grits were something they were overly familiar with, therefore they didn’t expose my sisters and me to them.  I honestly don’t recall eating them before I made them this past Sunday.  But you know what?  I’ll definitely be eating them again!


My pictures don’t do this meal justice, not by a long shot.  This was sooooo good.  The shrimp had just enough kick, and the grits allowed us to eat all that delicious sauce in a civilized manner (as opposed to licking our plates clean).


I made the suggested side dish, Spicy Green Beans, and they were pretty fabulous, too.  I will definitely be keeping them in our regular rotation of sides for when I feel like working slightly harder than required to open a 90-second rice packet before nuking it.

Did I mention these recipes are from Cooking Light?  Yep, I just started subscribing to the magazine and there are probably 15 recipes I have Post-It-ed to try.

We loved this whole meal.  I wasn’t a grits person before this, and the McHusband has always been vehemently opposed to green beans with any kind of crunch to them.  But you know what?  This meal changed both our stances on our respective foods.

Life-changing meal, I’m telling you.

{Shrimp and Grits}

{Spicy Green Beans}


Gma said...

Sure looks yummy! I grew up eating cream of wheat for breakfast which is the closest thing to grits that I know of. It's one of those things that you don't like or dislike, you just eat it because you were told you needed something hot in your tummy before you left for school.

To this day, you'll never see me making or ordering grits for breakfast -- I'd rather have bacon!

Ryan said...

Mmmmm, cream of wheat... something I haven't had in years! :) Gotta have some brown sugar or syrup on it though.

Gma said...

Brown sugar all the way Baby --- it's what makes it tasty!!