Monday, March 11, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Cinnamon Blondies with Coffee Buttercream

Between it being Monday and it feeling like we got up an hour earlier than usual, I figured a little sugar-and-caffeine pick-me-up was just what the blogger ordered this morning.


I followed this recipe for the blondies, but I added cinnamon chips to them.


While I’m not a coffee drinker due to the fact that I don’t like coffee, I don’t mind a little coffee flavor when it’s partnered with the right other flavor.  I decided to top these blondies with a coffee buttercream rather than the plain vanilla one.


The McHusband didn’t like the combo too much, but he likes coffee even less than I do.  However, he agreed that the blondies were pretty terrific.


I will most definitely be keeping these blondies in my rotation of go-to treats.

{Blondie recipe here}

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Maggie @ A Bitchin Kitchen said...

Glad you liked the blondies! Thanks for the link back :) I love the idea of topping them with a coffee buttercream!