Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I try to at least give a quick acknowledgement to people when  birthdays roll around.  I realize this little bubble around McMania isn’t very big (I’m no Pioneer Woman), but I do like to give a little shout-out when I can.

Anyway, Jenny’s birthday was on Saturday so between not posting on the weekend and not posting on Friday because of being in PA, then being out of my element Sunday night, I dropped the ball and didn’t send any birthday wishes out into cyberspace.

Good thing I’d already sent a birthday package out via snail mail last week. 

Chase box

I made some cookie bars with Cadbury Eggs, one of Jenny’s favorite candies, in them.


I had only the smallest nibble of these and it was a tasty one.  I wish I’d had another bite the next day, but I feel pretty confident telling you that these were quite delicious.  They were buttery and chocolatey and downright decadent.


They are made with cake mix and that flavor is strong so if you aren’t a fan of yellow cake mix, then these aren’t for you.  But if you do like the taste of cake mix, then these have your name written all over them.


Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, Jenny!  Wish we’d been able to celebrate in Florida again, but I don’t guess we can count on a trip like that EVERY year, can we?Smile

{Recipe here}

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