Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday recap via phone pics

I teased you yesterday with that big box. 


Are you ready to know what was in it?



And don’t go getting upset at the McHusband for getting me a household item.  I didn’t ask for it, but I’d been talking about needing a new vacuum for a while so I appreciate that he was listening and filed that info away.  Vacuuming is my favorite chore and now that we have another hairy dog in the house, I need a vacuum that works.

For a point of reference, I also collected gift cards a few years back with the intention of buying a steam cleaner.  So as you can see, floor maintenance is very important to me.

The McHusband also made a photobook out of our pictures from our vacation to San Diego and Vegas and I know that took him a lot of lunch hours to put together.  And last but not least, he ordered a new knife block.  That one’s less a birthday present than just good timing on Groupon’s behalf but my birthday was a good reason to bite the bullet and get some new knives.

Looks like 34 is the age for pink envelopes.


I had a box from the McInlaws, too, and it contained a special egg beater and a glossy collection of brownie and bar recipes into which were tucked a notice about a Southern Living subscription and three gift cards.  It was fun to keep finding things as I turned the pages.

We had dinner at the new Buffalo Wild Wings.  No, it wasn’t fancy, but guess what?  Neither am I.  They have a nice patio that we took advantage of, and I love their boneless chicken wings so I wanted to eat them minus the side of guilt that normally accompanies a meal like that.


The McHusband and I split “The Feast” – 20 wings in four different flavors.  And I washed them down with two of my ciders.  Yum, yum, yum! 


{I’m wearing my hat because I went to the 45-minute spin class at 5:30 before going home to open presents and then stock up on all the calories I’d burned (times 3!).  No shower, just a quick outfit change and more deodorant.  Like I said, I’m not too fancy.}

It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without something sweet so we gave the new Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt a try.  Of all the ones I’ve been to, it’s not my favorite.  It’s not even in my top three, but we’ll give it another try because it’s close and because the flavors rotate.


Okay, okay, the fro-yo wasn’t the only treat.  I couldn’t let my birthday go by without putting SOMEthing in the oven.  I went with these simple s’mores brownie bars made with a graham cracker crust, a fudge layer, boxed brownies, and cut-up Peeps on top.


It was pretty fun chopping those little yellow bunnies up.


Mmm, you know I love my fudgy brownies.


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts.  And thank you to my wonderful McHusband for getting me what I didn’t even know I wanted and for letting me eat exactly what I wanted for dinner and dessert.  34 is off to a delicious start!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! We have that same vacuum ("sweeper" for us Indiana people)'s about 7-8 years old and still going strong. It works great and we've been very happy with it! Enjoy :)

McMom said...

Who are these Indiana people commenting on your blog?? I might know them! The special egg beater is the new and improved version of my antique and Jenny can still draw straws for it if you want!! She got ne for her BD TOO! I think I am getting one for the motorhome too! Glad your day was fun and filled with surprises! Wow...35 is next!! Love ya! McMom

Stephanie said...

Gina - My other vacuum is this same one, just the one from, oh, about 8 years ago. Probably the same one you have. It still works pretty good but it was just time for a new one that works REALLY good. I've recommended it to several people and am very happy to have the same one again.