Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good as new

I thought I’d show you a few more pictures of that tree that fell onto the fence and driveway.



I guess we’re lucky the tree fell where it did.  The right side of the double gate was demolished, but that was the extent of the destruction.


Look how close the garage and the truck, a.k.a. White Lightning, came to being involved.



This was after the McHusband’s initial clean-up.  At least we were still able to contain the animals.



The McHusband spent the majority of Saturday out in the awful heat and humidity putting the gate back together and rehanging it.


If it weren’t for the un-weathered wood, you’d never know it wasn’t the original gate.


Since this was a McHusband project, it’s probably better now than it was to begin with.


Great job, McHusband!  I appreciate all your hard work on a sunny, steamy, sticky summer day.


McHusband said...

Thanks Babe! And there's no doubt it's better now than it was before, lol. It is completely assembled now with screws instead of nails and it opens smoother and aligns better than before, even with a slightly bent hinge. But admittedly that may change after it's first winter/summer as the wood tries to warp. I suppose I have an "excuse" to re-stain it all again now too huh?

McMom said...

Good mob...glad it only took one! McMom