Thursday, August 22, 2013

Donuts = a bun in the oven

Happy Thursday!  I don’t know why, but I felt like yesterday should’ve been Thursday so I’m a little disappointed that I’m not looking right at the weekend yet.  Oh well, it’ll be here soon enough.

The McHusband’s office borrowed a tradition from the office of one of the wives: bringing donuts in to announce a pregnancy.  Well, you know me, I can’t send the McHusband in with something made by Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts.  Amateurs. Smile  I had to make my own.  I opted for blueberry donuts with a blueberry glaze.


I was a little disappointed that the glaze soaked in so much by the following morning.  It definitely took away from the presentation, but my guess is it probably added to the blueberry flavor.  And I certainly didn’t need to worry about these sitting out and getting stale.


My office got banana bread donuts studded with cinnamon chips and covered with a cinnamon glaze.


Everyone was very surprised so maybe a few pairs of pants weren’t as tight-looking as they were feeling.  My one coworker even used the word “shocked.”  My boss waited maybe two hours before asking me about my long-term plans.  I assured him I would be back to work once my maternity leave was over. 

Doesn’t he know how hard stay-at-home moms work?!

{Blueberry Donuts}

{Banana Bread Donuts adapted from here}

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Ashley Mowris said...

I love reading your blogs Steph & I am so very happy I don't live closer or work with you lol. I would be as round as I am high! The homemade donuts look delicious though! =)