Friday, August 16, 2013

Wacky weather and stuff

What is going on with the weather this summer?!  We’ve had so much rain that the McHusband never even turned our sprinkler system on.  We never saw temps hit 100, which had become the norm in the past few summers.  Shoot, temperatures near the mid-90’s were rare.  And now, here we are in the middle of August, typically our hottest month, and we’re seeing low 70’s during the day?


I wish I could say I felt confident that this will mean we’ll also have a mild winter, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case.  We got lucky with a nice winter last time around so we may be due for ice, snow, and extended periods of frigid temps again.

But enough about the weather.  It’s not like I have any control over it so I’ll just deal with what Mother Nature hands out.

Busy weekend ahead.  I have Women’s Night in the ‘hood tonight, then we’re going to Ryan and Sandra’s for dinner (homemade pizza!) tomorrow night.  I’m making a cheesy pepperoni dip for an appetizer and some cheesecake bars for dessert to ensure there’s plenty of gluttony.  Then Sunday’ll be a day for redemption: laundry, cleaning, spinning, and a healthy dinner, probably salmon.

I’ll be back next week to tell you about our visit to the Conservators’ Center this past Sunday.


I highly recommend you guys check this place out.

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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