Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spilling the beans…about the bean

Even though it was a little early in the pregnancy, we wanted to tell my mom and sisters the news in person so we took advantage of our beach trip in July.

I got to Myrtle Beach on Wednesday and saw my mom and Shannon that night but kept the news under wraps.  I spent the next day, Thursday, with Mom and Shannon and my lips were zipped.  The McHusband arrived that night, and we spent most of the next day with Shannon, Owen, and Lyla, even going out to dinner where Shannon ordered a daiquiri and I stuck with water, claiming a headache from dehydration.

I really thought that was going to be a dead giveaway because Shannon isn’t much of a drinker and for her to have something and me not?  I really thought the cat was coming out of the bag.

Finally on Saturday we – my mom, Shannon, Bri, the McHusband and I (and the kids, of course) – were all together on the beach.  I pulled out my book and “suddenly remembered" a “new bookmark” I’d recently acquired, one of my ultrasound pictures.

Of course everyone was really excited and teary (it’s what we girls do, we cry at the drop of a hat).  We swore them to secrecy except amongst themselves since we still had, well, EVERYone left to tell.

When we traveled to SC the weekend before last, we stopped in Charlotte to drop the dogs off and have lunch with the McInlaws.  I made some cookies to take to SC, but I set a few aside just for Charlotte.


It took the McMom a minute to figure out that the plate said “McBaby” and not “Mommy” as she thought the plate was one that the McHusband had made when he was a kid.  I can’t really blame her as she’d probably pretty much given up on us making that announcement. Smile


We used food in SC, too.  I made that to-die-for Funfetti Cookie Cake and decorated it with frosting.  Oh, and let’s not focus on my lack of cake decorating skills, mmkay?  It’s the message that counts.


As soon as the cake-taker-topper came off, Jenny got the message and there were hugs all around.  What’s funny is on Sunday, two days later, Kevin said he had told Jenny before we got there  that he wondered if we were maybe going to have some news for them.  Guess he called it!

We wanted to wait until my dad’s visit in two weeks to tell him in person, but it was just getting too hard to keep it from everyone and we knew once our friends were aware, we were likely to get outted on Facebook, and we didn’t want my dad finding out about our pending parenthood through the cyber grapevine.  So we called my dad from the McHusband’s car this past Sunday.  Guess I’ll just have to make him a special, “You’re going to be a grandad again!” treat when he’s here.  Darn.


Gma said...

Sun, sand and the news of a new chickadee being added to the nest...life at the beach doesn't get much better than that! It was a "boo-ti-ful" moment, for sure!

Ashley Mowris said...

You found the best way to tell everyone! That is adorable, I don't think I could keep it under wraps because I'd be overly excited that it finally happened!