Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick review

When we were in SC two and a half weeks ago, Jenny and I got pedicures and I opted to get a gel manicure as well.  The nail tech assured me the gel would last for two to three weeks.  I decided to gamble my $20 and see what happened.

I can’t remember when the first two nails (pointer and pinkie on my left hand) started peeling, but I think it was around Day 9.  From that point through Day 14, at least one nail per day was peeling.  By this Sunday, 15 days after the manicure, I had two nails – my thumbs – still looking fine, and one pointer mostly intact and a middle finger with half the gel polish remaining.

So was the manicure worth $20?  Nah.  I really liked it while it was fresh, but since it really only lasted a week and then it kinda messed up my nails by either leaving some residue behind or peeling up some of the actual nail (I hope it was the former), I think I’m better off saving my money and painting the clear polish on myself.

Happy Hump Day!

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