Monday, August 12, 2013

Joining the club

I have some bad news.  Next year’s St. Patrick’s Day party probably won’t happen.  See, I’m going to have my hands full with two under two: Monte turns one on January 29th and then, just a few short weeks later, the McHusband and I will welcome a McBaby to the family.


Yep, I’m pregnant.  Believe me, I’m as amazed to be writing those words as you are to be reading them, and I’ve been living with this info since June 17th, a.k.a. Father’s Day.  How appropriate, right?

8_7_13 Ultrasound pics

So I bet you have a few questions, huh?  Like, were we trying?  Um, no.  But remember that night in May when we celebrated Vanessa’s birthday with dinner, drinks, and dancing?  Yeah…

Did I tell the McHusband in some special way?  Is it “special” that I handed him the pee stick at the kitchen sink?

Will we find out the baby’s gender?  Of course!  I’ve got a nursery to decorate and, frankly, yellow and pale green aren’t my favorite color combo.  I already know exactly what we’ll do for a boy, which means it’ll probably be a girl.

Let’s just hope it’s human.

8_7_13 Ultrasound pics - Wave

Now that the important questions are out of the way, maybe you’re concerned for my well being and how I’ve been feeling?  Maybe a little?  I know, I’d rather talk about nursery themes, too, but maybe someone cares if I’ve been sick or not.

The first month after I found out I was really tired by the evening (and cranky, just ask the McHusband) and my stamina during my workouts definitely wasn’t what it was prior to me being knocked up.  And yes, I’m still working out five to six times a week and doing the same things.  I modify when needed for my energy level and ability to breathe, but I’m continuing with my fairly intense workouts like boot camp and spinning and Body Pump.  So far, my weight has stayed the same between weeks 8 and 12 according to the doctor’s scale, but some pairs of pants are fitting a little tighter in the waist.  I’m not working out so I don’t gain weight; I’m exercising so I put on the right number of pounds and so I can maintain some level of fitness beyond not getting winded walking between my couch and the fridge with a stop in the pantry on the way back to the couch.


No nausea and no food aversions or cravings so far.  Well, none that I attribute to being pregnant anyway.  I’ve always had cravings every once in a while where, for instance, I don’t just want but NEED a hamburger, but for the most part I eat a little bit of everything from the list of doctor-approved foods (Except cooked raw tomatoes – I will NEVER like those – and plain white rice – yuck!).

I bet you might be wondering how far along I am and when I’m due, huh?  I’m 13 weeks and I’m due right around Valentine’s Day, but I have a feeling we’ll go past that.

8_7_13 Ultrasound pics

What a way to start the new week, huh? Smile  I’ll be back with more pregnancy-related stuff like how we told our parents.  Bet you aren’t surprised to learn there was food involved, are ya?



Gma said...

Didn't think we'd ever see the day! Can I get an "Amen"? ;>)

And of course, the McGram Squad couldn't be happier!

Ashley Mowris said...

Steph & Ryan - I am SOO happy & excited for you! Congratulations!

Bob said...
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Gina said...

Wow, surprise! Congratulations! I'll hope for a boy so you can use your nursery decorating ideas and avoid all girl-related drama...

McGrammie said...

The pee stick was special if followed by " Happy Father's Day"! McGrammie