Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So tired

I skipped my normal Monday class at the Y  last night.

I barely mustered the energy to do one load of laundry.

I was too pooped to take advantage of the nice evening to take the dogs on a walk.

I really hope this was a rare occurrence of pregnancy fatigue so I can get on with my life today.  I’ve got my boot camp tonight, and I need to make my boss’s birthday treats when I get home from the Y.

Fingers crossed that I’m writing this just before going to bed early and getting a fantastic night’s sleep.

1 comment:

Gma said...

Amazing how such a tiny McBean can make you feel as tired as if you ran a marathon, eh?

Maybe it's the body's way of getting you used to the perpetual state of sleep deprivation ... it's a'coming!