Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bought and sold!

What a week! It started off with a bang on Sunday with Shannon having a c-section, then kept rolling with us closing on our new house on Monday, and seems to have come to a stop today with us accepting an offer on our current house. I need a celebratory drink (or three).

The closing on the new house went pretty smoothly, and we were very excited to get the keys and garage door openers to OUR NEW HOUSE! The McInlaws were up here so they got the first tour and since it was only my third time in the house, it was a bit of a tour for me as well. For instance, something I never noticed before was how there isn't a coat closet. It's not like we're lacking a bathroom or bedroom, but I have a feeling that a coat closet is an amenity I'm going to miss.

And after three days of back-and-forth with some potential buyers, we've finally come to terms and accepted an offer on our current house. The deal isn't as good as we'd hoped for, but we not-by-choice dual homeowners can't be too picky. I hope these people appreciate the good deal they're getting.

The new house:

The happy homeowners:

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