Friday, October 24, 2008


As if it being Friday isn't enough to celebrate, today's also my half-birthday. Feel free to send gifts. Or cake. Cake's good, too.

The McHusband's deep into the second half of his big test right now. His plan was to get Bojangles for breakfast on the way in. That's brain food, right?

We're heading to Charlotte this evening and spending the night with the McInlaws. Then we'll leave the dogs with them and head to Anderson, SC to meet Chase for the first time and just enjoy visiting with Kevin and Jenny. I've heard that we're going to a pumpkin patch on Sunday so that should be fun and I know there'll be lots of photo ops so watch out cuz I have a feeling that I'll be sharing a lot of those pictures next week.

Speaking of next week... If everything goes as planned, then the big move should happen next weekend. We'll use the weekdays after work to pack boxes and move the little stuff over to the new house, and then we'll be recruiting our able-bodied-if-not-willing friends to assist with the fun stuff - moving the furniture.

I don't like posts without pictures so in honor of my earlier one about Bussey's Chicken and Waffles, here's a comic strip that I came across the day after that post:

Maybe Frank and Bussey need to go into business together...

That's all I've got for now. Have a good weekend!

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