Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meeting Baby Owen

I went to Statesville on Sunday and spent the afternoon with Shannon, Owen, my mom, Bri, and Lyla. It was a very nice day and it was wonderful to have my arms full of either Owen or Lyla pretty much the whole time I was there. It's great to be the aunt - everyone just hands the baby over, but I get to give the baby back if he/she gets too fussy. Which of course rarely happens because I'm getting pretty good at this aunt thing. I've had a lot of practice this year, that's for sure.

Shannon and Owen

A close-up

The proud aunts

The proud grandma with both her beautiful grandbabies

Shannon's dog Bailey needed to get in on some of the lovin'

And here's a picture of the three of us with the babies. I think this one might have to go on the fridge.

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