Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two things...

The first thing: On my drive in this morning, I was behind one of those new Jeeps and there was an interesting bumper sticker on the back. It said "I am speeding cause I have to poop" and then there was a squiggly pile of poop with little marks above it to indicate that it was stinky. Who puts something like that on the back of their car? Good thing the guy wasn't in Cary. I'm pretty sure he'd get pulled over and ticketed for something so un-Carylike. Sure, the book says everyone poops, but they don't talk about it in Cary.

And # 2 (sorry, I had to) is about a new restaurant here in Raleigh. Have you ever sat in IHOP eating pancakes covered in Boysenberry Syrup or a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whip cream (and unnaturally red Strawberry Syrup, of course) and thought, "What would be really good right now is some fried chicken"?

Yeah, me neither.

But someone has becuase there's a new restaurant called Bussey's Chicken and Waffles opening up. Maybe I shouldn't knock it before I try it. I mean, fried chicken and mashed potatoes might go really well with a side of waffles and syrup. It'd be kinda like having your dinner and dessert all in one meal.

Personally, I prefer to keep my dessert separate.

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