Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"The 'pottery barn' look"

We had a showing on Monday, and the feedback from the realtor was generally promising:

This home showed very well. My clients liked the location, the front porch, the fenced back yard and the hardwoods in the foyer. They commented on the "pottery barn" look in the house and liked all the colors except the kitchen. The husband is allergic to cats.

I'm not surprised to read that the kitchen color wasn't a favorite, and I was very flattered by the Pottery Barn comment. I'm sure everyone reading this (Mom, McMom, that's you) has been in a Pottery Barn, gotten the catalog, or just walked by a Pottery Barn in the mall. And I'm also sure that when you were exposed to the PB style, your first thought was, "This looks like the McWife's house," right? Right?

Okay, probably not. But if a potential buyer got that vibe when they were walking through the house, I'm not going to argue with them.

About a month ago, I ordered some paint swatch books from Pottery Barn in preparation for all the painting I'm sure I'll do at our new house. I was flipping through them the afternoon that they arrived, and I was surprised to see a color in the Summer 2008 book that was quite similar to my kitchen wall color. I remembered that swatch last night and pulled it out for comparison. What do you think?

So, potential buyers, take that! You didn't realize it, but that kitchen color you weren't so fond of actually is Pottery Barn style. And I painted it that color back in June of 2004 so I was way ahead of Pottery Barn. Take that, Pottery Barn!

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Anonymous said...

My house needs to be painted, the living room is the first room that needs to be done and quickly so I can get new come on over anytime!!!!!