Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Owen’s Birthday at the Zoo: Part I

I took Friday the 12th off and met up with my mom, Bri, Shannon, and the kids at the Asheboro Zoo for Owen’s birthday.  Well, we actually met at Jimmy John’s first for lunch and birthday treats.

When we got to the zoo, Owen opened his gifts in the parking lot.  Of course, you can’t open presents with another four-year-old and a do-everything-big-sister’s-doing 17-month-old there and not expect them to help.



Olivia was already in the stroller or else I’m sure she would’ve been tearing at the paper, too.


Shannon suggested this Fisher-Price castle for Owen and she found it on sale and had some coupons so she did all the hard work, I just financed the shopping.



Aunt Bri and cousins Lyla and Maxie did their own shopping and Owen was pretty excited about his Spider-Man pajamas and crime-cruising car and other goodies.


Once the birthday business was out of the way, we headed into the zoo to check out some animals, including two gorilla babies.  More on that soon!

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