Thursday, October 25, 2012

Owen’s Birthday at the Zoo: Part II

After we opened presents in the parking lot, it was time to head inside and check out some animals.

Now, the good thing about the Asheboro Zoo is it provides seemingly ample space for its animals.  That’s awesome if you’re an ostrich or a giraffe.



Not as awesome if you paid for a ticket to SEE the animals.

Actually, we had better luck in the afternoon with the giraffes and zebras.




In between, we saw a red river hog.  He was quite active and close enough that we could see he had one of those faces only his mother could love.


Next up were the lions.  We heard the male roar as we walked up and thought we were going to get lucky and see the lions actually doing something, but they’d settled back down by the time we could see them.  Someone else said that the female was trying to get the male to play and he wasn’t interested.  Yeah, we heard his message loud and clear!



We knew the gorillas were going to be fed at 1:30 so our plan was to be at their enclosure around that time.  We got lucky and one of the new moms was hanging out with her baby right at the glass.


She hears the zookeepers and knows what time it is.


No coddling of the baby.  She swings him around to her back and expects him to hang on.


And now for a few familiar and less hairy faces from the other side of the glass.




Guess that mama gorilla isn’t the only one with a monkey on her back.


Maxie wanted to walk, but she needed to have her enthusiasm tempered.  Enter the kiddie leash that Shannon brought.  Maxie wasn’t loving it, but she put up with it for a while since it meant she was free to roam (if being 4 feet away can be considered roaming).


Stay tuned for the elephants, helicopter, and carousel.

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