Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just a quick post that will probably leave you feeling very dissatisfied with a lot of questions.  Believe me, we are in the same boat.

Tucker is staying at the vet today getting IV fluids.  We aren’t sure what’s wrong with him.  The possible diagnoses range from pancreatitis to lymphosarcoma.  At least, those are the two things that the vet keeps mentioning.

We’re trying to stay positive and not think the worst, but it’s tough.  I’m not one to ask for prayers, especially not for a dog and especially not when there are actual people needing them much more, but if you’re prone to sending positive vibes out into the universe, could you send a few Tucker’s way?


I promise to update as I can, hopefully with not-terrible news.


Gma said...

Sweet Tucker... lots of positive, good thoughts being sent your way. Take good care of that frisbee... I'll be back for another few rounds of throw and fetch.

McMom said...

Awww....we certainly have Tuck in our thoughts! Good thing Ryan took him for the follow up bloodwork before you left. Keep us posted with GGOD news. McMom